Lose Weight without Going on a Diet

Going on a weight loss diet can be a huge challenge for a modern person. This is because our lives are quite hectic and because humans are creatures of habit.

That is why instead of making a major lifestyle change suddenly, you should try making smaller modifications with the trend to make them permanent. You won’t get results overnight, but you will become and stay slim and feel happier too.

Downsize Your Portions

You should do it gradually. Start with downsizing to three quarters of your original portion and eventually to half of it. Just don’t drop below the minimum daily calorie intake.

To make the change easier, use smaller plates. Additionally, you have to ensure that there is never a pile on your dish. This is an essential rule to keep when you dine out or attend events where food is served. It’s also essential that you eat slowly. A meal should take 20 minutes at least.  

less portions help lose weight

Make Healthy Food Choices

Your goal is to have more complex carbs, lean protein and healthy fat in your diet and fewer simple carbs and saturated fats. Whole-grain foods, legumes, fish, boneless and skinless chicken and low-fat yogurt could easily form the foundation of your diet.

Among the sources of healthy fats, you will find olive oil, canola oil and avocado. Try to replace sugary foods with fruit. Similarly, instead of serving potatoes and rice as side dishes, go for vegetables like leafy greens.

To introduce the changes more easily, search for new, delicious and exciting recipes involving the recommended ingredients.

Get More Sleep

With proper rest, your body has enough energy to keep you going even without a lot of food. When you don’t get enough sleep, however, you feel hungry more often and increase your daily calorie intake. What should you do?

Try to sleep for at least seven hours every night and preferably for eight. It has been found that sleeping for an hour more every day can help you lose 3.5 extra pounds in three months. No effort required!

Source: http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-12098/the-7-things-i-did-to-lose-220-pounds-without-dieting.html

Reduce Stress Effectively

When you are stressed out, your body produces a hormone which stimulates appetite. Most people resort to junk food as they find it comforting. This is how weight gain spirals over time. How do you get rid of stress?

Start with proper time management so that you can find time for physical and mental relaxation during the day. Discover what keeps you calm (listening to music, reading, arts and crafts) and use it to fight stress.

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